About King Kebab

King Kebab is a traditional Turkish kebab shop which is located at the Old Bakery Shop, School Rd, The Sq, Kintore AB51 0UU. As you walk down the street, you can chase all the flavours of Turkey, and once you walk in, it’s hard not to think that you are somewhere in Istanbul.

Like your meals with maximum meat? If so, then you are a kebab lover. We have a wide selection of such meaty treats to have delivered to your doorstep. No matter what type of kebab you're craving, whether it's a succulent Turkish Doner kebab or a juicy Iskender Kebab, we've got you covered. Ask locals in Kintore, ‘Where is the best halal kebab shop near me?’. ‘King Kebab’ is the only answer.

We only use the finest local ingredients and all our meals are prepared on a daily basis to ensure you receive the highest quality possible.

Don’t miss out on our stuffed crust pizzas. Our Margherita Pizza is second to none. A crust base crowned by homemade mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce and topped with huge dollops of Italian brio. That’s exactly a sensual slice of the authentic Italian party you've always wanted to be invited to.

Are you feeling super hungry after a long day of shopping at Co-op Food –Kintore? Quickly go to our website and place an online food order. Take your pick from our grilled Mexican Burgers, crispy wraps and more. You can pick it up on your way home. We are a short drive from the store.

Our sweet-toothed customers can tuck into the likes of incredibly moist carrot cake, scrummy chocolate cake or tasty ice cream.

Our shop is proudly partnered with the Mealzo family. You can download the Mealzo App to receive exclusive discounts!

Are you interested in ordering over the phone? Fine. Call us at 01467268110. We will deliver it in a matter of seconds.

Thank you for choosing us. Have a wonderful meal.



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